Why Consultancy

If College Faculty /staff is able to understand the Latest NAAC /NBA Manuals/ Criterions/Weightages / Metrics/Formula of Calculating Grades and feels confident to prepare for NAAC A++ Grades then do not go for Consultancy and start preparing SSR first and then go for naac IIQA for Accreditation process.
Here here what we suggest is to keep your self update with naac criterions
some of the challenges faced by HEI :
  • naac criteria does not specify number of books required in the library or number of journals required, it is to be sought by number of programs run by HEI and their is no specific numbers as well, it is advised by consultant visiting institute by his experience
  • Research and consultancy is another naac criteria which is found rarely in colleges and university
  • DVV seeks 10 to 12 pages clarification
  • What to write in 200/500/1000 words while preparing SSR for NAAC.
  • NAAC keeps updating Manuals and quantitative and qualitative metrics are to be filled very specifically as per weightage of that particular metric.
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