About Us

Aggarwal Educational Solutions is a Leading Consultancy Passionate Professional Group in India for NAAC and NBA Accreditation, Our Chief Consultant and Managing Director is Dr. Ajay Aggarwal, who’s You tube videos are very popular among Colleges who all are preparing for NAAC. We started our Journey in 2009 by Completing NAAC/NBA Projects in north India and expending Consultancy Services all over India in a very short span of 1 year in 2010. Establishing a NAAC & NBA Consultancy, which can help Institute to get better Accreditation grades with their inner development by which they can feel Confident and sustain in today’s Scientific World of Technology was need of Society. Our Aim is to Improve Quality of Institute which in turn produces Quality Students.
We never ever undertake to prepare /making of SSR/SAR because it is only to be created by Faculty /Staff of College under the guidance /mentorship/help of Expert Consultant. We strictly do not recommend getting any favors in exchange of any expensive gift from Peer Team Members while they visit College on the other hand amount should be used in development of College.
We do not claim any Relationship with NAAC/NBA and we believe in hard work and Quality Improvements According to Manuals Published by these Accreditation Authorities.
Vision: To see Maximum HEI of India with top Accreditation Grades like A, A+ or A++
Mission: Providing a platform to HEI so that they can catch right Target. Awaking them for Quality Improvements for better India

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